Surface science

Study Preservation of Germs Together with QCM-D

For years, QCM-D was utilised to test binding of viruses and also to even test virus-interaction together with their fast encompassing. Within his job on Sahlgrenska University Hospital, researcher Dr. Gustaf Rydell, works by using QCM-D to research the binding means of germs to comprehend just how as an instance the norovirus starts illness.


Climate-change Brings about Collapsing Chilly Lizards

Climate shift can be framed as”global warming,” a constant rise within the planet’s surface temperature, however additional impacts incorporate excessive weather functions. All these occasions, such as for instance cold bouts, tropical storms, and heat waves, even interrupt weather patterns, so which makes cold temperatures seasons warmer and summertime warmer warmer compared to ordinary.


SAFIRE Project

A growing number of space scientists believe that experimental investigation of plasma and electricity in a vacuum could advance scientific understanding of many solar system phenomena.  This includes the electrical/plasma connection of the Sun to its planetary satellites and galactic neighbors.  Of particular interest are the unsolved solar mysteries: acceleration of the solar wind out… Continue reading SAFIRE Project